What do all those have in common?  Well, not much, other than the fact that they all start next week at Our Lord’s!  The Holy Spirit has given us an awesome start to the New Year with a fresh breath of energy and opportunities to live our faith together!


Scripture, Yoga, and Centering Prayer: Mondays, 7:00-8:15

We will gather on Mondays throughout the season of Epiphany to “Focus the Light.”  During the season of Epiphany we focus on how the Christ is revealed to the world, and how the light of Christ shines to reveal this good news in our lives.  We will gather to move into stillness and help to draw this light into focus in our lives.  We will use chairs to help everybody move their bodies and minds in ways which draw us into balance, flexibility, and focus.  Then we will still our bodies and allow God to be our center as we come together for guided and silent prayers.    All levels are welcome –  pretzel, bread-stick, and all other levels of flexibility will be accommodated!  A mat will be helpful, but since we are practicing on carpet, it isn’t absolutely necessary.  If you have more than one, perhaps you could bring one to share.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a friend!


The Forgotten Luther – Sunday after worship with future dates to be decided.

The Social Ministry committee is continuing the observance of the 500th year of the reformation by joining to study Luther’s understanding of God’s Justice.  Luther’s writings on justice have been often overlooked, but still bring fresh perspectives and challenging questions about how we live our lives as Christians.  Come and be ready for discussions which will make you look at the world from a different perspective!


Christ International Fellowship – We are invited to celebrate with them during their worship time on January 15th after the Chili Cook-off!

Christ International Fellowship will be moving their things into their storage room (room 3) on Friday, and will have their first worship in the fellowship hall on Sunday afternoon!  We welcome them warmly and pray that their transition is paved with grace!  Then, on the 15th, when we are done with our Chili Cook-off we are invited to join them worship in the sanctuary.  Please bless them with your presence, even if you can’t stay long, as we begin our journey as partners in Christ’s work in the world!


Mark your Calendars!  Ash Wednesday is March 1st!


May the light of Christ shine on your way this day, showing you a path of love and grace, and lighting a way where no way could be seen before.  Amen!