Semper Reformanda

Always reforming.

We’ve been talking about Reformation for an entire year, and it is finally here!  We commemorate the 500th anniversary of the day Martian Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral, and on this day we celebrate our heritage as we look ahead to the next 500 years.

What do you want it to look like? Really?  What’s your dream?

What hope has the Holy Spirit placed in your heart?

We are discussing goals at our November council meeting, and the timing couldn’t be better.  Where are we going as we continue to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives?  So, here’s my challenge for you:  Tell us your dreams for the congregation, for Christianity, for Lutherans.


Here’s the catch: no common goals.

Basically everybody wants the following goals, or a variation of them. Everybody.

All of these goals are basically good ideas, but they aren’t faithful dreams, they are simply everyday goals, and they don’t tend to get anybody very far.

More people.

Full pews.

More children.

More generous offering.

More programing.

More people participating in programing.

More/better communication. Something different about worship.

More people reading the bible/praying/fellowshipping.

Going back to the way it was when…


So, if you take out all of those things, what is your dream?  What hope has the Holy Spirit placed on your heart?

Is it big or small (small is okay!)?  General or specific (general is okay!)?

Is there anything you can change within yourself to make it happen?  Notice that I didn’t talk about changing the congregation, but instead yourself. You’re the one with the dream, after all.  Allowing yourself to be reformed by your dream makes your dream contagious!


Will you share your dream?  Please do!

Talk about it over coffee.  Pray about it.  Keep it in mind as you go through your day.


Please write your hope down, sign it, and give it to Pastor Amanda or a council member so that we can read them at the Nov. 12 council meeting!  Anonymous dreams don’t have much sticking power for anybody, so own the hope the Holy Spirit has given to you!  I know this is a stretchy challenge, because after all, how can we do anything else if we don’t have all those common goals?  Only God knows, but if God gives us the dreams, then God will give us the means!


As the Holy Spirit continues to re-form us into the Body of Christ, we learn the love of God in ever new ways.  May you experience this love in some new way this month, and may it return your mind and heart to hope for the future.  Amen.


Together in Christ,

Rev. Amanda Esping