Join Pastor Amanda Esping for Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 AM at Our Lord’s Lutheran Church (OLLC)

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About the pastor:

I find my identity in being loved by God before I could ever do anything to deserve such love, and I do my best to remember that God loves the people around me just as much.

I love people. All of them.  Not as much as God, but I love them none the less.

I love the church – because it belongs to Christ.

I live by the Holy Spirit – because this is God breathing in me.

I might be your grandma’s pastor – but I’m not the type of pastor your grandma grew up with!

I believe the church is a group of people, gathered as the body of Christ, blessing each other, transforming the world through their own transformation, and showing the world God’s love through acts of mercy and justice. Sometimes it’s a blessed mess, and that’s okay. God is always resurrecting messes!

I love traditions – learning the story behind them, making new ones, and revising old ones. Traditions are a home for our soul and a lens to understand the world, so we must love them and choose them carefully.

I lead worship through the liturgy in the Lutheran form. Liturgy means “work of the people,” so worship involves everybody. Lutheran worship form is: gathering, word, meal, sending.

Christmas Program after pictureI love all kinds of music. For worship, I love worship music of all eras and genres. When we can sing Gregorian chant, Lecrae, Luther, and gospel all in the same hour, it is a good hour!

I sweat out my stress and focus my soul on my yoga mat.

My favorite book of the bible is the Gospel of John.

My favorite Old Testament story is Jacob wrestling at the Jabbok.

My favorite New Testament story (other than the resurrection) is when Jesus serves breakfast on the beach.

Finding the moment by blessing and praying for the encounters of the day is my favorite spiritual practice. My second favorite is smiling.

“Hope is as hope does.” is one of my favorite sayings.

My hobbies include traveling, garment design, and cooking.

And, here’s the credentials:   I graduated from Kansas State with a BA and then Wartburg Seminary with an M.Div.  I was ordained in 2009 and have been serving as a called minister of Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ever since.  I accepted the call  of the people of Our Lord’s to be their pastor  on August 1, 2014, and have been blessed by them ever since!   I pray my presence is always a blessing to them, also!



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